Made to Order

Made to Order and Personalized Clothing - Your Unique Style, Customized to Perfection

At FollowMeFs, we believe that clothing should not only be fashionable but also tailored to your specific needs. That's why we offer two unique options - Made to Order and Personalized Order - to create garments that are truly customized to your preferences.


Made to Order - Shortened Production Time

One of the benefits of Made to Order is the shortened production time. After receiving your order, we strive to complete the manufacturing process within 1 to 3 business days. We understand the excitement of receiving your new clothing, and we work efficiently to minimize waiting times while maintaining the highest quality standards. By embracing the Made to Order and Personalized Order approaches, we contribute to sustainable fashion practices while offering you the opportunity to express your unique style and preferences. Each garment is crafted with passion and precision, tailored to your measurements and customized according to your desires. 


Personalized Order - Customizing Our Designs to Suit You

With a Personalized Order, we take our existing designs and customize them to your specifications. Rather than creating an entirely new garment, we adapt our models to meet your requirements and preferences. Whether you desire a specific detail, a different sleeve length, or any other personalized touch, we strive to bring your vision to life. Please note that personalized orders require additional time and consideration to ensure every detail is tailored to your liking. Pricing may vary based on the complexity of the customization. We recommend reaching out to our friendly and responsive support team at to discuss your needs and receive a detailed quote.


Size Assistance - Expert Support for the Perfect Fit

We understand that choosing the right size can sometimes be challenging, especially when relying solely on size charts. If you find yourself unsure or in need of assistance, our dedicated support team is here to help. Reach out to us, and our knowledgeable team will gladly guide you through the sizing process, ensuring that you select the right size for your garment.


Experience the difference of Made to Order and Personalized Order at FollowMeFs, where your clothing is made with care and attention to detail. Place your order today and enjoy the beauty of customized fashion.